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Below Knee Prosthetics

A below-knee (BK) prosthesis will commonly include a customized socket, a pylon and also a foot.

With types of prosthetic legs, occasionally a suspension sleeve or harness could be essential.

Working with a competent and caring prosthetist is a vital part of getting the best leg for you.  The range of alternatives for below knee amputees has taken off in the current years. With electric motor powered foot prosthetics, shock intake, as well as auto-adjusting feet are all currently readily available.  Socket layouts, foot styles, as well as silicone and gel skin user interfaces are all more sophisticated than in years past.  

We at Ultra Prosthetics and Orthotics, concentrate on balance as well as assisting you to depend on as well as utilize your prosthesis as an expansion of on your own, similar to your other leg. This idea could appear unusual in the beginning, however, with time you will find that with our assistance you will start to treat your prosthesis as an expansion of on your own, as a brand-new leg.

Ultimately, the socket, the prosthetic foot, the placement, and also the stride training are all necessary aspects of accomplishing optimal feature and also movement.

There are many types of prosthetic feet for a below-knee (BK) prosthesis to choose from, and that is why we concentrate on recognizing your demands and objectives, as well as utilizing our distinct medical experience to pick the system that is most suitable for you. Where some facilities just make use of a couple choices of feet, the prosthetic foot we use is what we consider to give the best worth to you.

Below Knee Prosthetics - Temporary Prothesis

Making use of a short-lived prosthesis has several benefits. It enables swelling to decrease as well as for the recurring arm or leg to recover totally, a procedure that could occupy up to 6 months or more. A prosthetic sock or padding gel lining is put on in between the socket and also the body to safeguard the delicate skin of the leg.

As the swelling goes down, you could include added layers of socks to maintain the socket from coming to be too big. If the socket is too loose and the additional socks are not helping, together, we will decide if you need a new socket.

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