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Bilateral Leg Prosthetics
(Below & Above Knee)

Bilateral Leg Prosthetics

Bilateral prosthetic users might have more of an obstacle in transitioning to utilizing their types of prosthetic legs.

Time, effort and consistency are the assisting qualities of being a bilateral above-knee prosthetic user.

A big part of being a bilateral prosthesis users includes your routines in your home. Do not utilize a wheelchair to move around the home when not using their prostheses. Keep the upper body toned, and enhancing the recurring limbs is essential to your success.

If you have tried to use bilateral prostheses and were overwhelmed, build confidence by conditioning and strength, ongoing support and encouragement from peers through Ultra Prosthetics and Orthotics support group and mentoring

You are prepared to start strolling through life on full-length prostheses. Each part of the prosthesis plays an essential part in your movement. The thin, versatile material permits for more sensation in the recurring limb, providing you more control over the prostheses when strolling. Computerized legs give a strong sense of stability and a natural gait by adapting to the speed, size and frequency of each step. This is especially important when walking on slopes, uneven surfaces, curbs or stairs.

Press beyond unfavorable suggestions about exactly what you can and cannot do as an amputee or aBilateral Leg Prosthetics user. We at Ultra Prosthetics are here for you. Caring is not simply our motto it is our way of business and service to you.

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