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Post Op
Wound and Stump Care

Post Op
Wound and Stump Care

Maintain your amputation tidy and completely dry unless your physician informs you it is Okay to let it be damp. Tidy the location around the injury carefully with light soap and also water.

After your injury is recovered, unless you are advised otherwise by a medical professional, keep it open to air. After dressings have been taken off, clean your stump daily with moderate soap and also water.

Examine your stump every day. Make use of a mirror if it is difficult for you to see all over it. Search for any type of red areas.

Whenever you are out of bed wear your elastic bandage and protector all the time whenever you're out of bed. Rewrap it every few hours. Make sure there are no creases in it.

Ask your service provider for assist with discomfort.

  • Touching along the mark as well as in little circles along the stump, if that is not uncomfortable
    Scrubing the mark and also stump carefully with bed linen or soft cotton.
  • Lie on your belly 3 or 4 times a day for around 20 mins. This will certainly extend your hip muscular tissue.
  • If you had a below-the-knee amputation, you could place a cushion behind your calf bone in order to help align your knee.

Practice Post Op maintenance in your home.

  • Go from your bed to your mobility device, a chair, or the bathroom.
  • Go from a chair to your mobility device.
  • Go from your mobility device to the bathroom.
  • Remain as active with your walker as you can.

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