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Prosthetics FAQs
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Prosthetics FAQ

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An Orthotic brace can take anywhere for a day to a week.

Yes, each socket is going to be a little different. You will have different pressure points which may cause some minor discomfort but will most likely get used to it.

Vacuum, Shuttle lock, and Suction.

Prosthetic socks are used to account for volume changes in the residual limb. Prosthetic socks add cushioning, reduce friction between the residual limb and the socket, and replace lost volume in the socket due to shrinking of the residual limb. They are available in many sizes and thicknesses. If you are wearing a prosthetic sock and the socket feels a little loose, you simply add more ply.

You can do this by adding more socks or adding one thicker sock. For example, if you are wearing a 3-ply sock and you want the socket to fit a little tighter, you could add a 1-ply sock for a total of 4-ply. If this still feels a little loose, you may either add another 1-ply (for a total of 5-ply) or you could remove the 3-ply and both of the 1-ply socks and don (put on) a 5-ply sock. It is better to wear a thicker sock than many thin socks to avoid getting wrinkles in the sock. Wrinkles cause higher pressure in the area of the wrinkle and can rub on and injure skin.

Depending on your age, activity level and growth, the prosthesis can last anywhere from several months to several years. In the early stages after limb loss, many changes occur in the residual limb that can lead to shrinking of the limb. This may require socket changes, liners, or even a different device. Increased activity level and a desire to do more activities can create a need for a change in the prosthesis or its parts.

Once you are comfortable with the fit of your device, the prosthesis needs only minor repairs or maintenance and can last an average of three years. Your prosthesis should be regularly checked by your prosthetist to avoid any major problems.

Yes, we can customize the limb to look like your other limb.

Yes, Ultra Prosthetics handles all insurance paperwork for you.

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