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Ultra's Story

Our Story


Ultra Prosthetic and Orthotics story is unique because we come to you.  Why?  We understand that even the smallest thing as carving time out of your day and getting someone to take you to an appointment can be a challenge, if nothing else, just an inconvenience in your life.

We don't expect you to have to sit in a waiting room like other companies; we value you and your time.  There are many prosthetic companies out there that will only do what is necessary to make you a prosthesis and get you on your way.

Many of our patients come to us because they were not happy with their previous prosthetist.  We have many patients say that they called another company and were told it would be a month before someone could see them.  Then they call us and are shocked that not only do we come to them but we are there the very next day.  


Ultra’s story is also, one of learning from wood and leather over 40 years ago to the carbon fiber and titanium components of today.  Experience is more than just doing something over and over or training on a new procedure or component.  It is about allowing yourself to be in the shoes of another person.  Being willing to serve someone to make their quality of life just a little bit better allows ourselves to look at a patient as a person.

We are never done until you are happy with your prosthetic.  We are always a part of your life moving forward.  Techniques and materials may change over the years but one thing never will...being a good human and serving our patients.  

We understand the difficulties you go through every single day and pledge to be there for you and help you regain your quality of life as quickly as possible.

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Our founder is a proud Marine.

We have a special place in our hearts for any and all military service people

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